Lesbian Sex

This is one for the Ladies, but MAINLY for the men! Being the 23-year-old sex goddess, I feel I am, after I have consumed an entire bottle of a fizzy mind and body control bottle of Prosecco, it is fair and only correct to say I have had my share of sexual conquests. I lost... Continue Reading →

Online dating

Being a 90s baby (1995) I grew up in the era where social media kicked off and was at its peak, where people would escape daily life to get on the net, where meeting a sufficient other half would be on a night out, or in your local supermarket as you’d both lean in for... Continue Reading →

Pablo the Pug

Oh my god!! I would always see people that had dogs from puppies and see how much they mother them, part of me always found it weird, even more so when they would call their dog their baby! But aged 23, being the independent adult that I am (I think) I decided to bless my... Continue Reading →

Damaged Goods

Someone once said to me that I’m damaged goods. What does that concept even mean? Because if you take away the ‘damaged’ then it means at one point I was ‘goods.’ Thinking back, I would never of classed myself as ‘goods.’ From as young as I can remember I have always felt a certain amount... Continue Reading →

Thank U, Next!

I have always been infatuated with the infatuation of ‘falling in love,’ this all started back in primary school when my eyes would be fixated on all the classic chick flick movies, where boy meets girl, girl meets boy and BANG they were in love and everything was happy from then on, my poor little... Continue Reading →

The five stages of ‘Letting Go’

The way we work can be both beautiful and bizarre, I have always been the type who’s a helpless romantic deep down. Over the years of disappointments, and broken promises and loyalty I have established a persona, a front that at the beginning of any romantic relations can act hard faced. I suspect sub-consciously I... Continue Reading →

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